Pastured Brown

The definition of Free Range eggs is that the hens “have access to outdoors”.  Nature Plus feels this requirement is inadequate so we created our own definition for Pasture-Raised. All our farmers with Pasture-Raised chickens agree to ensure that the majority of birds truly are going outside when conditions permit.  They also ensure that there is always green grass available on the pasture.  Chickens will quickly destroy grass in a small area so this requires a large pasture.

During winter months, hens are still fed a high-grass feed to ensure their diet does not significantly change and the eggs continue to be at their best quality year-round.

Hens have continuous access to water and feed regardless of outdoor conditions so hens do not need to compete for resources.

No sprays or chemicals are used in the pasture area.

The indoor shelter has no cages or barriers to restrict movement within the barn.

Crack open one of these eggcellent eggs to see and taste the difference for yourself!